I'm collecting curry rice now.
I got a blue curry rice (Drift Ice Curry)!I currently have wild boar curry and red tomato curry and pear curry.
Someday, I would like to buy olive curry, lotus cup curry and matcha curry, salmon curry, oranges, melon, cherry and bear curry

When I went to Australia, I ate kangaroos, camels, buffalo, crocodile and emu yakitori.
But I think ordinary pork and beef are more delicious.

I spend New Years in Korea for a few days from 1/1 this year.
I'm thinking about going to Europe this February or March.If I go on a trip, Germany or Spain and Portugal.
But I have not decided yet.
I want to go to Yellowstone next summer If I can go,I'm just thinking.
I have been to Mykonos, Greece. I really like it over there.
Wine is cheap and delicious, and seafood is also delicious.